Brian J. Linn

Haven Homes builds modular homes at its factories in Pennsylvania.  The quality of construction is very high and there are many floorplans from which to choose.  
The Tire Rack will help you find just the right tire for your car and save money: about 25% when I bought the latest shoes for my ProbeGT.  When buying something as significant as tires, 25% can add up and is even more valuable than it appears because these folks actually know tires, unlike some local tire stores.  The company sells wheels and suspension upgrades as well.  
Realtor.Com is the site to see if you are looking to buy a home.  You can choose to look in nearly every part of the country, specifing your requirrements and price range.  
The Moral Basis of a Free Society was written by Steve Forbes.  In this 21 page essay, Mr. Forbes tells it like it is and expresses his thinking on what needs to be done to solve the internal problems faced by the United States.  Whether or not you agree with the thesis, this essay will hold your intellectual attention.  
Consistent with my interest in genealogy, I have found genforum to be a very useful web site.  
For a great virtual tour, check out the White House web site. Due to security concerns, it is difficult to obtain a good tour of this wonderful building, but this site certainly provides a wealth of information.  
Another favorite site of mine is that belonging to the architect of the capitol, which is a vast repository of information concerning the US Capitol building.  
Updated August 26, 2009