Brian J. Linn

Some ways to spend time ...

Philosophy, inasmuch as one explores his own mind and the world around him, can be of some interest to me, if you'd like, read some of my thoughts!

Sports that I really enjoy as a fan and a participant are figure skating and auto racing. Both involve the practical application of physics: you know, that subject many of us took in high school with certain knowledge that it would never apply to anything in our lives!

Hobbies are great fun. One consuming a great deal of my time is genealogy.

Amatuer Radio is more than a just a hobby! My station, KD0HII went on the air in May of 2009. You can learn more about the hobby on the ARRL web site. I spend most of my time on 10 meters along with regular contacts on the W0IW repeater located north of Des Moines, Iowa.

Updated August 26, 2009