Brian J. Linn

I very much enjoy figure skating and my favorite skater is Tonia Kwiatkowski. She never gives up and arrives at each event fully prepared. Her bid for the 1998 Olympic Team was not successful; however, her determination not to give up was an inspiration. Few skaters will skate so well in the face of adversity. Tonia is now retired from amateur skating and is greatly missed.
Many an hour I have spent at the Fairfax Ice Arena (more before marriage than after). The most famous of its skaters is Michael Weiss.  He is the 1999 U.S. Gold Medalist and World Bronze Medalist, 1998 & 1997 U.S. Silver Medalist, 1997 World Team Member, and member of the 1998 Olympic Team. Michael trains daily at the rink.

Updated April 26, 2004