Brian J. Linn

November 1 , 1997

Brian: The time to sightsee was drawing to a close. This morning things began very slowly as Joyce was feeling more like checking out the inside of her eyelids than any sights. I spent the morning reviewing my genealogy work in Illinois with Jeanne, our hostess and my co-conspirator in the matters of family history; I should point out that our mutual interest in the Linn genealogy was the initial reason we met. Soon it was nearly noon and one of my true friends and a college roommate Michael Friedman would meet Joyce and I in town for lunch. Mike lives in Vallejo, just north of San Francisco and drove the three hours to Groveland just to meet Joyce and have lunch: illustrating his fine character and true friendship. After lunch, we ran errands for Jeanne and then headed toward ‘home.’ Unfortunately, Mike had to return early to finish some work at his office.

Joyce: This was, however, a special day, which all of the Linns desired to celebrate. My husband and I had been married all of one week (still not having had our first fight) and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Linn, Jr. were marking their 55th anniversary! How special to see the example set by those who’ve gone before and to call them friends. The actual celebration of this special event would wait another day, until I felt better and the Charles Linns would be free from a previous engagement.

Brian: That engagement was a meeting of the Pine Mountain Airport Association. Joyce decided to sit this one out on account of feeling less than her best and I joined Jeanne and Bud. The meeting began with a potluck supper in the hanger of no ordinary pilot, Clay Lacy. He is the world’s most experienced pilot having logged more flight hours than any other human. He flew for United Airlines for over 40 years and most of you reading this are likely to be familiar with one area of his work, aerial photography. It was Clay Lacy Aviation ( that provided the aerial photography for the movie Top Gun. He also spoke for a few minutes and showed a video. Bud and Jeanne live on the Pine Mountain Lake airport (PML, non-TCA and 123.05 on the radio for you pilot types). It seems that in California everything must be just a little different, thus residential developments centered on private airports. Bud has a taxiway from the runway right up to a hanger in the back yard. There are several planes in his hanger, most of which he built or re-built, and some of which he designed. He is, of course, a flying enthusiast! He is pictured here with the Mini Mustang he designed and built.

November 1
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