Brian J. Linn

October 23, 1997

Brian: This fine Thursday sees us heading off in different directions. Given the fiasco encountered on the previous day at the courthouse, I felt that triple checking the wedding night accommodation was in order. Naturally, this was done covertly lest any family or friends discover the matrimonial chambers! The facility was surveyed and a room inspected to declare this establishment suitable in every aspect for this honeymoon couple. Upon completing this critical mission, it was off to Bondurant to visit with my mother’s family, specifically, Grandmother Stoll, Uncle Roy and his wife Chloris, and my cousin Stephanie. Naturally, no day is complete without a trip to Wal-Mart and so off went Roy, Chloris, and myself. Strange, the Wal-Mart looked like every other Wal-Mart I’ve ever laid my eyes upon, but at least the drive home provided some ‘sight seeing’ around the area. Translated, that means we drove by the old farms (which no one had ever shown me before) where late family members once lived and where all the old buildings have likewise returned to dust. Lunch was then served at Grandma Stoll's with appropriate conversation (consisting of requisite talk regarding the weather’s affect on crops this season and a discussion of what each member of the family had been doing recently – with a few comments about what was happening in town).

Joyce: While Brian was out seeing the sights, I was actually doing something other than passing the time. In order that I would be stunning (Brian’s word not mine) for the wedding, I had a manicure and also managed to pick up a few gifts for members of the wedding party. Upon my return to the Dawson’s, Margie and I baked an angel food cake to be consumed at the rehearsal dinner, a task made more challenging by a desire to preserve my manicure. It was then time once again to brave the bleak Iowa weather to finish shopping for the reception. A great quantity of food was purchased and carried to the car while being showered by pouring rain. And, last but certainly not least, more time (which, of course I had in abundance) was spent attempting to locate a merchant willing to dye my shoes: no success.

Brian: It was shortly after the noon hour when my parents (Eldon and Arlene) arrived in town and what occupied their time for the next few hours will forever remain a mystery. However, at the appointed Linn dinner hour of about 5:30, we all met up at the Dawson place of abode for dinner (bread was indeed one of the items served). Now we must clearly define ‘all.’ While Eldon, Arlene, Joyce, Margie and myself had dinner, John went to the airport to pick up Tim (my cousin and son of John). Shortly after they returned and commenced eating dinner, more relatives began to drop in, entirely unanticipated. Within an hour, Janice (my cousin and sister of Tim) and her son Aaron, Brenda (my sister) and her husband R.J. and finally Jerry (husband of Janice) all made a stop at Dawson Central Station. It really was a great time of spontaneous family fellowship! Naturally, all these folks necessitated breaking into the desserts being saved for the rehearsal dinner. Finally, it was decided that each participant had experienced a full day and thusly, should search out an appropriate place of slumber.

October 23
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