Brian J. Linn

November 4, 1997

Brian: Alas, the day had finally come to conclude the honeymoon and return home to Arlington, Virginia. The plane was scheduled to leave at 8:05 a.m., and it did. Unfortunately, Joyce was feeling very badly and changing planes in Minneapolis brought her to tears. The folks at the airport had kindness in their hearts for her, allowing us to be driven via handicap cart to the other end of the airport when a last minute gate change occurred.

Joyce: Upon arrival at DCA, Eldon and Arlene met us and provided transport home. It seems like all they do is ferry us to and from the airport, any airport! However badly I was feeling, the significance of arriving for the first time at our home wasn’t lost on either of us; it was a special moment. The special moment quickly gave way to a trip to the doctor, unpacking would just have to wait. The visit went well and we then returned home to begin the process of settling into our roles as man and wife.

November 4
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