Brian J. Linn

October 30, 1997

Joyce: The beauty of yesterday was fresh in mind when we decided to visit the area south of Yosemite Park down toward Oakhurst. The first thing on the agenda was a realization that it was taking longer to arrive there than anticipated. The road has far more turns on the south side of the park than the north, and that’s saying something. Brian put his driving skills to work on the turns to pick up some time, but also in an attempt to reach civilization again because I was possessed by a very strong desire to use the ladies room! It is our belief, that one shouldn’t have a full bladder when these turns must be negotiated. Anyway, civilization was located and so was the stable. A beautiful ride was enjoyed through the back hills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The experience was very western, from the saddle to the dust to the rough country. After riding, it was off to have a picnic lunch: for our host and hostess were kind enough to not only provide breakfast, but also allow the packing of a lunch each day. Following lunch, the Sugar Pine Railroad beckoned; the railroad was constructed, owned, and operated by the Sugar Pine lumber company. The photo above is of a Jenny rail car utilized by the company to move men and small equipment on the line. I am pictured here on the 1990s tourist version. The car is a slightly modified (now 12 volt ignition not 6) 1928 Model A, complete with the old Ford logo on the radiator. As clearly seen, this unit also has air conditioning!

October 30
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