Brian J. Linn

November 3 , 1997

Brian: Another lazy morning for the honeymooners as we prepared to return to San Francisco, though we actually wouldn’t take our leave until nearly noon. Before leaving, I took Joyce to Bud’s basement workshop and showed her a plane being reconstructed after years of neglect. It’s rare that one has the chance to see a plane in skeleton form. Having said goodbye to Jeanne and Bud the night before (they had to leave very early for a doctor’s appointment 60 miles away), we left quietly and didn’t even lock the house: that just isn’t something one does at Pine Mountain Lake.

Joyce: On the way back, a quick stop was made at a recreational vehicle dealer to window shop for motor homes and trailers. Not buying, just looking and imagining what it would be like to load one up and take a very extensive trip around the country. The imagination worked fine until the monetary realities were factored into the process! Maybe such a trip can be embarked upon during retirement years. Grand Aunt Juanita was ready to serve dinner when we once again arrived on her doorstep. On this night, her daughter and son-in-law stopped in to meet us; it was fantastic to meet these previously unmet relatives. Such friendly people, we enjoyed becoming acquainted.

November 3
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