Brian J. Linn

October 31, 1997
Brian: The day began slowly as Joyce wasn’t feeling so well, but around mid-morning it was time to head off to Yosemite Valley. We also visited Glacier Point, located about 3000 feet straight up from the valley floor. The views on this day were once again breathtaking and the camera is no match for the eye, but here goes!

< The Merced River as it winds through the Yosemite Valley taken at N37 42.900' W119 39.902' looking east.

The Cascade Falls are located on the north side of route 41 where the Cascade River, which runs very heavy during the spring, flows down and then runs under a bridge carrying route 41. The river then flows into the Merced canyon. Taken at N37 43.652' W119 42.808' looking north.>

Half Dome taken from route 41 just before entering the Yosemite Valley at approximately  N37 42.776'   W119 43.725'  looking east.
Half Dome taken from Glacier Point, approximately  N37 43.844'  W119   34.503'.
October 31
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