Brian J. Linn

November 2 , 1997

Joyce: The honeymoon was winding down, but we took the suggestion of our host and hostess to visit a little nearby town called Murphy’s. It was a mining town in the heart of the mother load country. Specifically, we visited the Krautz Ironstone winery. It is odd for teetotalers to visit a winery recommended by teetotalers; however, what a place: so very beautiful in the midst of such rough country. A restful day it was and Brian managed to spot a Pierce Arrow in the parking lot. The museum was open and well worth a look, especially since it contains the world’s largest nugget of gold. The tour was very interesting with the music room organ quite a highlight. It comes with many ranks of pipes and a computer system, which records exactly what the organist plays. This system allows tour groups to hear the organ being played in the absence of an organist. And yes, it does play selections from Phantom of the Opera.

Brian: The anniversary celebration was not lost in the wake of the airport meeting or the trip to Murphy’s. On the way home from Murphy’s we stopped at the grocery store and Joyce picked up all that was necessary to create a wonderful five-course meal. This confirmed to the senior Linns my wisdom in choosing Joyce! We had a great evening of food, fun and fellowship. Naturally, bread was served!

November 2
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