Brian J. Linn

October 29, 1997
Brian:  On this day began something very special, for the first time we went sightseeing as Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Linn. The pictures below provide an illustration as to the natural beauty of the landscape found along Tioga Road, Toiga Pass and Joyce Linn!      
Near T35 on Tioga Road (120),
well above 9000 ft
Ellery Lake at 9538 feet elevation. On Tioga
Road (120). The lake is fed by Lee Vining Creek

Joyce Linn, taken at Ellery Lake. The lake isn't seen because it's below and hidden by the Rocks Joyce is sitting upon. This photo is taken at nearly 9600 feet. Approximately: N37 56.178' W119 14.093'.

Tioga Pass, looking west from nearly the bottom of the Pass from Tioga Road (route120). Overlooking Poole Power Plant Road. The trees hide Lee Vining Creek.
Afternoon sun over Tenaya (Te-neye-ya) lake. On Tioga Road (route120).
October 29
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